How to buy handcrafted Tiffany Style Lamps Online ?

What makes Tiffany Lamps so distinctive? Is it their handcrafted nature which offers unique individuality? Is it the fact that determined and skilled craftsmen have individually soldered bits of stained glass to create them? Or perhaps it’s the fact they’re inspired by Louis Comfort Tiffany, who revolutionised the lighting industry through his stunning creations?

Whatever the reason, we know they’re a must-have product that add extra character to your home, and we know you want it.

The Tiffany Range

Tiffany lights are available in such a wide range.. Where do you start?! That’s alright, don’t panic. We’ll help you.

First thing’s first, what kind of light do you want? Tiffany styles are available in table lamps,

floor lamps, ceiling lights, pendant lights and wall lights – in short, any type of light that you could want to decorate your home. So get deciding!

Next, and this part might spoil you for choice, what design do you want? It is no secret that the Tiffany selection is well known for its intricate styles and patterns, one of the principal reasons that make them so popular. It is up to you to choose the right one suited to your taste and your home.

Now, as there are various designs to choose from, the different styles in which Tiffany collections are available in are put into categories. This should make it easier for you to browse on websites and decide on what you like.

There are irregular upper border and irregular lower border patterns; these are the lights, which have a distinctive pattern of shapes and designs either on the top or the bottom of the lampshade. Quite popular among the Tiffany range, these are very simplistic styles more appealing to those who like the idea of ‘less is more’ as the actual design occupies only one part of the shade, yet no doubt manage to look just as riveting.

Another category would be the geometric style. Very bold, very specific.  The geometric style consumes the entire shade, as it would be covered by only one design throughout. It sounds simple, but one choice allows you to make a statement in your home that reflects your taste. Whether it’s a brick-like pattern, circular shapes, or a completely random design altogether which unifies across the shade, it would look stunning anywhere with the right attention paid to detail. Don’t forget thinking about the colours, as allowing it to match with the rest of the room brings out its patterns even further.

Finally, you get the flowered types. Admittedly, you’d have to be the flower kind of person to appreciate this design, but the good thing is, many of us are. Across the shade, on the borders, in the middle; you are likely to find the flowered patterns anywhere. That’s probably one of the best things about it, this design is probably the one with the greatest variation. Flowered Tiffany Lamps also tend to be available in a variety of colours. Often multicoloured lamps, ideal for those who don’t like to stick to one thing, and mix it up a bit. Matching it with your room, yet still bringing out different colours to illuminate the space in a beautiful way. Many would say the flowered decorations bring about a peaceful atmosphere, calming to look at. Nature-oriented people may like the more forest-y look, with green flowers perhaps.

The authenticity of Tiffany Lights is highlighted within it’s detailed craftsmanship providing us lucky consumers with striking and exquisite products, making us all spoiled for choice. As established, it is all down to you. Your choice, your style, your taste, your home. These products are all available around you. Have a look online and discover everything mentioned in this article to be true, and I’m sure you’ll find a Tiffany product suited exactly to what you were looking for. Happy shopping!

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