Home Supplies has a wide variety of Tiffany Style Lamps available which can be suited to your needs. These intricately designed lamps originated from Louis Comfort Tiffany, the American artist who revolutionised a new form of art with his work in stained glass. We have an exquisite selection of Tiffany Style products available, whether you need floor lamps, ceiling lights, pendant lights, outdoor lighting or wall lights, ranging from Irregular borders to Geometric and Flowered, all of which are hand-crafted individually. Inspired by Tiffany, pieces of stained glass are individually cut by hand and products are formed using the copper foil construction process, as each pieces are delicately handled and soldered together to make beautiful Tiffany Style lamps. The hand-crafted technique highlights each individual lamp as unique and maintains the authentic designs originated by Tiffany. Excellent for decorating, these Tiffany products could light up your home in time for the upcoming festi